Topics & Messages


  • The Fragrance of Friendship (Building lasting friendships with others....and God.)
  • Extreme Makeover: Spiritual Edition (Let the Spiritual Disciplines pump you up!)
  • Unwrapping His Presence (Asurprisingly fun study of Romans 12. Free gifts for all.)
  • The Balancing Act (Yes, you canbalance family, work, ministry and life. Really.)
  • The Adventure of Your Life! (Buckle up for an unforgettable road trip that will teach you how to turn fear and disappointment into contentment and joy.)
  • Intimacy with God (Deepen your passion, fall in love with Jesus -- your Savior, God and Bridegroom.)
  • Harvesting Forever Fruit (Taste the Fruit of the Spirit and live fully in its powerful strength.)
  • God's Chicken Soup for Every Soul (Arecipe for hope and healing with heartwarming stories to savor.)
  • Cultivating Pearls of Wisdom (Deep-see truths for wise women. Dive in!)
  • Ten Stupid Things Christians Do to Mess Up Their Lives (God's Top Ten list taught in a tempting new way.)
  • Finding Peace in a Noisy World (Shhhh, and listen to the voice of God speak to you.)
  • Mission:Possible!! (Clues for unlocking your God-given potential.)
  • The No-Motion Ocean Cruise (Set sail with your Heavenly Captain and navigate high seas of happiness, daily doldrums and turbulent waves of emotion. Treasure map included.) 



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