August 2009

August Devotional


What do you want to achieve for God?


Do you have plans for reaching your world or touching a neighbor’s heart with healing only the Good News of salvation can bring?


Do you want to start a brown bag Bible study at your job and see coworkers’ lives permanently changed?


Do you desire to go on a mission and face a new culture, new language, and new opportunities to see new people say yes to Christ?


Do you want to grow deeper in your own walk with the Savior, so that every fiber of your being breathes worship to the God you serve?


God is seeking women who want to achieve greatness, not for themselves, but for himself.  That’s why he created you uniquely special and totally equipped for amazing assignments.


One writer put it this way: “Women who were true achievers according to God’s standards built their accomplishments on their personal faith in the Lord and, with imagination and courage, used their abilities and opportunities for his glory.”


This statement is true for yesterday and today.


True achievers live according to God’s standards.  It’s easy to live according to the world’s standards – we all do that.  It is far more challenging and rewarding to live according to Biblical principles.  But that takes knowing the Bible and God’s message.  If we’re not in the Word, how can we be women of the Word?


True achievers build their accomplishments on their personal faith in the Lord.  They want to accomplish something important, something lasting, and something that takes faith.  This kind of faith requires a level of trust that is personal, real, experiential, and compelling.  It drives us beyond the visual world into the knowing and believing world.  This kind of personal faith accomplishes much, because it believes that God really cares and helps people trust Him even when life is uncertain.


True achievers use imagination and courage.  When was the last time you brainstormed a new way to reach people in your subdivision, or tapped your creativity to start making a difference in your kid’s school?  God has given us tremendous potential, but we’re often too busy gaining stuff and status to use it wisely.  To achieve for God takes audacious reverence and new priorities.


True achievers recognize they have abilities and opportunities.  They realize time is short, but it’s all they’ve got.  So, they’ve made it a goal to discover and develop their spiritual gifts.  And by honing their skills and maximizing their schedule, God’s desires are achieved. 


And here’s the kicker.  When we begin living like the achievers God intended us to be, we get to be a part of his amazing people-changing process.  We get to experience the best and fullest kind of life possible.  We even share in the glory only God really deserves!  And daily, we get to walk hand in hand with the Creator of the Universe.


That’s why I want to be a woman who achieves greatness for God.  How about you?




Lisa Kinakin