2009 Devotionals

  • January/February 2010
    A new year, and a new beginning. A new chance to reaffirm what is important and to clear out and clean out what ever holds you back from reaching your God-given potential. An opportunity to resolve to do better, eat right, get in shape, renew unmet goals, be a better, nicer person, improve in my career, and strive for greater excellence. Wow, that’s a lot to ask, but isn’t it what most of us would like?!
  • March 2010
    Persistence. It’s that dogged, determined attitude that helps us achieve our goals and overcome adversity. It’s a persevering, unwavering will to get what you need – and not stop until you do. Prayer plus persistence removes obstacles, opens doors, enlightens dull minds, and changes circumstances. When you pray persistently, you have great power.
  • April 2010
    I have a vanilla testimony. I wasn’t awakened out of a stupor of drugs and alcohol, scooped from the clutches of abusive parents, or saved from illegal gambling when I came to know Christ. Nothing nearly that exciting or dangerous. I simply knew Him from the time I was a little girl and have grown over time to love and appreciate him more and more.
  • May 2010
    I’ve started a garden. It’s spring, and it’s the time for planting in Tennessee, and I’ve started a vegetable garden. Now, I can promise you that I don’t have a green thumb, but I do enjoy getting a black thumb from digging in dirt. There’s something both amazing and satisfying about sticking these incredibly small things called seeds into regular old soil and watching tiny shoots come bursting through with the hope of a harvest ahead. It’s a truly remarkable concept, and I’m so glad God thought of it.