Lisa Kinakin- Christian Speaker, Teacher & Writer
Picture a person who spilled three glasses of water at a restaurant during the same meal, dropped two birthday cakes at two different family gatherings, and also accidentally flipped over her State Fair bakery entry, appropriately named Crumb Cake, in front of the judges.  Then picture a person who proudly took her boss and friends to a baseball game only to be told at the gate that her tickets were for the previous night.  She’s the same person who flew her company’s CEO to a meeting in New York that she forgot to confirm, that had been cancelled.  Would you be surprised if I told you she also fell off the runway at a modeling audition?  

Now picture someone who loves life and laughter but has also walked roads of fear, depression and grief.  She hears the voice of God, yet sometimes gets lost in the darkness.  An everyday person, with flaws and quirks, and the tendency to wonder at times if she’s making a difference at all. 

If you can picture all that, you’ve just pictured me.  A funky fusion of female and failure, with a fervency to be found faithful and fruitful.   (Somehow I can hear Daffy Duck saying this.)  

God’s Word says we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” – and sometimes I even scare myself.  So it’s helpful when I remember that “in our weakness, He is strong.”  Without Him, we have nothing.  With Him, we have life.  Without Him, there is desperation.  With Him, there is a destiny and a purpose for everything, including spilled water and dropped cakes. 

We were born to know Him, be with Him and become like Him. An unattainable feat if we attempt it on our own, but incredibly possible when He holds our hand.   

So come. There is room for you on the path, and love and acceptance along the way. Come walk with me through the joys and trials of life, and together we’ll discover His incredible plan and experience His amazing love. Come, and be your real self, for I too am just an ordinary woman who loves an extraordinary God.